The best online casino games 2020

카지노Games, games, games - you just can't get enough of them at our top-rated casinos. Slot machines, video poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, live dealer casino games, and a whole host of other games are waiting for you.

What are the best online casino games?

The classic casino games 카지노사이트Links to an external site. blackjack and roulette are particularly popular in virtual casinos. These are often offered in many different variants in the various online casinos, so that every gamer can use his preferred version of the casino game on the Internet with appealing graphics. But other traditional real money games such as baccarat, craps, or poker are also enjoying great popularity online, although or precisely because they are rarely offered in land-based casinos. In addition, online slot machines are becoming increasingly popular with gamblers. No matter whether you want to play the jackpot slots with huge winnings, technically sophisticated video slots that are based on the latest hits from cinema and television.

Which games are popular?

우리카지노Aside from Texas Hold'em Poker, sports betting and the lottery on the Internet, blackjack, roulette, and slot machines are among the best known and most popular online games of chance in Germany. The various online casinos therefore often offer several hundred different slot machines and several dozen blackjack versions in order to fully satisfy their customers. Roulette is also offered in all known forms, i.e. the French, European, American variants, and some special versions specially developed for the Internet, such as multi-wheel roulette.

Which games have the best chance of winning?

Classic casino games usually always have the highest payout percentages. With blackjack, European roulette, baccarat, and craps, the percentage that the casino keeps is always less than five percent, with some game variants even less than one percent. The rest is paid out to the players. Video poker is also one of the casino games with the highest payout percentages. If the game is played correctly, 6/9 video poker machines (6-fold stake as a win on the street, 9-fold stake on a full house) can even have payout rates of well over 100%. Real money slot machines have average payout percentages of around 94% and can therefore be well below the winning percentages of classic games.

Where can you find the best ways to win?

Whether you are looking for particularly lucrative slot machines, high progressive jackpot slots, or special jackpots: you will find it at Our experts have built up an extensive database of online gambling knowledge exclusively for German gamblers, from which you can benefit completely free of charge. In our online casino test reports, you will find all the information you need if you are looking for the best opportunities to win real money games on the Internet.

How do you find the best jackpots?

As a rule, online casinos advertise the various jackpots and their amount or the total progressive jackpot sum that can be won there on their homepage. You can simply click through the list of the best online casinos that we have put together for you and select the casino with the best and highest jackpots. So you can be sure that you land with the provider with the currently highest progressive jackpot and that this has been tested by us and found to be good.

How should newcomers to the casino start playing?

As a beginner in the online casino landscape, it is particularly difficult today, in 2020. Countless virtual arcades advertise for every user and the decision which casino to register at is often difficult. With us 슬롯머신Links to an external site., you get all the information you need to know about every online casino. From the online casinos recommended by us, you can finally choose one that best suits your gaming behavior, your wishes and your requirements. With many providers, you can also try out software and games in the free practice mode before you register or even make your first real money deposit.

Is it possible to play for free?

Many online casinos offer the opportunity to try out all or at least a large part of the range of games for free without making a real money deposit. With some providers, you can even play the online games in practice mode for play money without registering an account.

Tips for playing in online casinos

See the game as a leisure activity

For over 80% of the gamblers surveyed, the first motivation for the game is the goal of winning money. I don't think this high percentage surprises anyone, but in a casino, you won't be able to win in the long term unless you win a really big jackpot. Rather than seeing the money, you should see the casino game as a leisure activity where you are willing to invest a certain amount of money in entertainment. Instead of spending € 50 in the disco at the weekend, you can use this money for games of chance and maybe even win something.

Set a budget for yourself

As with any other leisure activity, ask yourself beforehand how much you are willing to spend on it. In games of chance, this can go faster than you think and you quickly lose the feeling of how much you have already spent and won. Therefore, it is advisable to set a budget before playing that you simply stick to. Responsible play is a basic requirement for long-term gaming fun.

Use the right bonus offers

Nowadays almost all 바카라사이트Links to an external site. casinos offer a welcome bonus, which rewards your first deposit with a real money bonus. You can play more with this additional credit, but you can only withdraw the bonus amount from your player account once a certain amount has been wagered in real money games. You should pay attention to the various online casino games in the offers, which, apart from slot machines, often only contribute to a certain proportion of sales. If you want to play roulette primarily, you should only take advantage of a bonus that has not excluded roulette from the bonus conditions.

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